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Aromatherapy Massage

Sooth away the stresses of the day with this luxurious aromatic massage. The oils help to balance and rebuild the body, the massage eases tensions and encourages the body to detoxify.


Half an hour £30

1 hour £40

Remedial Massage

Tailored to suit your requirements - often includes deep tissue work to help alleviate aches and pains - can be relaxing or invigorating


Half an hour £30

1 hour £40


If you like your feet being pampered, reflexology could be for you! Reflexology uses pressure points, or reflexes on the feet to encourage the body to stimulate its own healing response to tension, congestion and disease. Very relaxing, balancing and detoxifying.


1 hr £40

Bowen Therapy 

A unique light touch therapy from Australia, The Bowen Technique is a gentle treatment suitable for all ages and can be performed through light clothing. It aims to balance the whole person, not just the symptoms. Common presentations include musculoskeletal pain, obscure symptom management, depression, fatigue, digestive complaints, poor sleep, bed wetting and respiratory problems. Practically any problem can potentially be addressed and some people use the Bowen Technique as a means of stress management and health maintenance, seeing their therapist regularly 2-4 times a year. See for more information. An enjoyable and relaxing treatment. Treatment times vary from 40 minutes to an hour depending on your requirements.


40 mins to an hour £40


Featuring organic/wild crafted ingredients and award winning products, each facial is designed for the individual. A wonderfully rejuvenating treatment. Includes a shoulder, scalp, neck and hand massage.

1hr £42

 Thermo-Auricular Therapy

(Hopi Ear Candles)

Using hollow linen ear candles this ancient treatment can help to relieve and prevent excess wax, sinusitis, colds, earache, vertigo, tinnitus, head aches and stress. Includes a head, neck and shoulder massage. Deeply relaxing.

45mins £32

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth volcanic basalt stones, renowned for their heat retaining properties, are used to allow heat to deeply penetrate the body and to ensure a firm pressure so that a deeper level of relaxation can be achieved. Highly therapeutic and detoxifying.

1 1/4 hr hot stone massage £60

Skin Tighten and Tone

Skin Tighten & Tone 


A deeply therapeutic spa treatment that's great as preparation for holidays and special events - or just for good health. A full body scrub is followed by a therapeutic mud and seaweed application that tightens the skin and draws out impurities whilst nourishing the skin with minerals. A  herbal oil massage to finish invigorates, detoxifies, tightens and tones the skin.

Very relaxing. Good for sleep issues and stress.


1 hour  £50

Warming Mud and Wax Wrap Treatments for Arthritic Pain

Discover the benefits of warm mud for relieving muscular aches and pains. Therapeutic oils or hydrating creams are massaged into the area before application of the warm mud pack. After removal, a massage follows. The effects are anti-inflammatory, relaxing, detoxifying and pain relieving.

30mins treatment £30

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