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18 months ago I moved to Dulverton from Minchinhamptom, Gloucestershire where I had been receiving treatment from a Bowen Technique practitioner there. It was great to find Pippa Canney in Minehead. her ministrations have returned me again to a place where only occasional treatments will be needed in the future. I would thoroughly recommend Bowen Technique to anyone who is suffering neck and/or back problems and particularly recommend Pippa as a very effective practitioner for anyone living around the Exmoor area.

Mick Wright - Dulverton Decor (antiques dealer)

​I have known Pippa Canney for some years and have benefited greatly from the various treatments I have received from her. I have always found her very pleasant and extremely professional in her approach to her work and I think it is a credit to her that she is always looking at ways to extend her knowledge and to pass the benefits onto her clients. 

Eunice Hillman - Puriton

My health suffered due to stress and I developed mild Polymyalgia. The Bowen Technique really helped towards my recovery without steroids. Pippa Canney is a very caring and knowledgeable therapist.

C Warren - Sampford Brett

Whilst Pippa was sorting a shoulder problem I had, knowing I was trying to lose weight she made a few suggestions to my diet and I am now slowly losing weight (10 kilos so far), I also feel healthier and more energetic and my varicose veins have gone from my legs.​​​

Veldes Carnell - Williton​

I can confidently recommend Pippa Canney as a therapist. She has treated me for a variety of ailments - physical and emotional - for several years. ​I have received reflexology, Reiki and Bowen therapy. Hard to say which is my favourite because they are all so relaxing - I often fall asleep! Pippa has a lovely calm, grounded energy and is always sen​sitive to how much conversation you want, or not. She is a fund of knowledge on a wide range of therapies and nutrition and I've found her advice invaluable. As a result of her treatments I can really say I've never felt healthier or more balanced. Bowen Therapy is an amazing treatment. Pippa can explain the science behind it, but from my viewpoint, you receive small 'tweaks' at various points on the body with rests in between when the body brings itself back into balance and healing. Marvellous.

Jo Thomas - Dulverton

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